A sketch of Clar, a white person with brown hair, wearing a red scarf and an orange shirt, sillily typing at a roughly-sketched, blocky desk with a laptop on top.

Hello! I’m Clar, and you might be wondering how my name is pronounced. If you’re looking for the short answer, in both English and French, it rhymes with the word “car.” If you’re looking for the long answer, it’s pronounced /klɑːɹ/, or /klaʁ/ if you’re feeling particularly French.

This is how you’d spell the pronunciation of my name in the International Phonetic Alphabet, which is used to exactly describe the position of your tongue, teeth, and other flappy bits when making sounds, which is a whole lot more objective than “it sort of sounds like this.” If you’re not familiar with IPA, here’s what the spellings mean:

Hopefully, this was informative. If not, at least you just made a bunch of really weird sounds with your mouth, and hopefully that was fun.